PennyMine Review (Is PennyMine Legit or Scam? )

A review of PennyMine– There are numerous earning platforms available on the internet today, some of which promise great things but later fail to deliver on their promises. Before considering joining or earning from a platform, make sure you read a review of the platform first.


Today, we’ll be talking about a platform called PennyMine. We’ve put together a thorough and honest review of this platform, so make sure to read it through to the end.

PennyMine Review – What Is It?

The fact that we were not compensated for writing this review should be noted. Rather, we wrote this review in order to inform you guys about what PennyMine is all about.

This honest PennyMine Review will ensure that you learn everything you need to know before starting to earn money with PennyMine. We will cover topics such as what PennyMine is, how to get started with PennyMine, how to earn with PennyMine, how to withdraw money from PennyMine, who is the owner of PennyMine, when PennyMine was first launched, how to sign up for PennyMine, how to login to PennyMine and more.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of whether PennyMine is a legitimate business or a complete waste of time.

What exactly is PennyMine?

This is an online platform that pays users to earn money by watching short videos, which are short advertisements that take up to 30 seconds to complete. Users can earn money by watching short videos, which are short advertisements that take up to 30 seconds to complete.

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Currently, PennyMine is available in almost every country in the world, including some African countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria, according to the company.

Some of the PennyMine app’s features, such as its user-friendly and attractively designed platform, deserve to be recognized.

Get Started with PennyMine: Steps to Follow:

Installing the PennyMine app, which is available on Google Play Store, will allow you to get started.

Once you have completed the registration process, which is both free and simple, you will be eligible to receive a $5 dollar bonus for simply joining PennyMine.

Following completion of your registration, you will have access to all of PennyMine’s earning opportunities, which include watching videos and taking part in their referral program (if applicable).

Learn how to make money on PennyMine

There are only two ways to make money on this site, which are to watch short advertisement videos and to send invitations to other people.

Short commercial videos are being viewed.

As the most popular way to make money on PennyMine, you can earn money by watching videos. However, the downside is that you are only allowed to watch one video per hour and nothing more.

The watching of Short Ad Videos can earn you between $0.15 and $0.2 dollars per hour, depending on how many videos you watch. Each video is no longer than 30 seconds and should not be any longer than that.

Although advertisements videos may appear on your screen when you perform certain actions on the PennyMine app, you will not be compensated for doing so, just so you are aware.

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PennyMine App Referral Scheme is open to anyone who wants to participate.

Okay, this is the best way to earn on PennyMine, in my opinion, because when you use this method to earn, you can easily reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, and you can earn up to 0.5 dollars for each person you refer to the site.

All of us should be familiar with the term “referral” and the process of referring someone to a platform.

Now the question you should be asking yourself is how do I get my referral link. To obtain your referral link, simply log into your PennyMine app account and then click on the button that says send invite. Your referral link will be displayed.

This link can be shared on any social media platform of your choice, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, as long as you are able to provide people with the opportunity to tell them how wonderful this application is.

Who is the CEO and Founder of the PennyMine Application?

PennyMine’s CEO has not yet been identified, but this is standard practice for newly launched platforms, so what should you expect given that the app was launched by CodeMag and is available in the Google Play Store.

When was the PennyMine App first released?

Although the exact date of its launch is unknown, we do know that it was launched in September of 2021, which means that it is not more than a year old.

Instructions on How to Create a PennyMine Account | The PennyMine Account Creation Process

To register for PennyMine, you will need to go to the app registration section and enter your full name, phone number, country, and one-of-a-kind password in the appropriate fields.

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To register, you will need a referral code from someone who has already registered in the add, so here is mine: obinali042.

Once you’ve completed the form, click on REGISTER.

What You Need to Know About Logging into Your PennyMine Account

Go to the login section of the app and enter your full name as well as a password that only you know.

Methods for Withdrawing Money from PennyMine | How to Get Paid on PennyMine

When it comes to withdrawals, the bare minimum is one hundred dollars, and the money you earn will be transferred directly to your bank account in your home country.

PennyMine Payment Confirmation

Although we were unable to locate any valid payment proof relating to the PennyMine app at the time of writing this article, we will continue to look and will update this post if we come across any.

Is PennyMine a legit or a scam?

Let us not jump to conclusions and label this platform as either legitimate or fraudulent; we have seen people online claim that they have been paid through PennyMine, but we could not take the chance; do not immediately believe what people say online; instead, take your own time to research and evaluate the platform.

The ball is in your court now, and you can either try them out to see if they would actually pay you or you can do it right away, which we recommend because you will not be charged for any of the PennyMine app’s features.


After reading this PennyMine Review, please share your thoughts on the site by leaving a comment in the box below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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