Lucky Football Investment Review (Lucky Football 1 Is A Legit Or A Scam)

Considering that you are reading this, it’s likely that you have already heard about the online money-making opportunities available on Lucky Football 1 Review and that you are excited about the prospect of trying their platform. This is a brave step to take, but you must conduct thorough research on the platform you are considering using before proceeding any further with your plans.

It is advantageous to conduct research on an investing platform because it keeps you up to date and also allows you to select platforms that are worthy of your time and effort to invest in and learn about.

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The fact that new platforms are being launched on the internet on a daily basis is well-known to the public. In addition, each website’s claim that clients can earn a return on their investment by completing a specific task on their website is widely known.

Lucky Football

Most of the time, these websites/investment platforms pay their members for a short period of time before disappearing with their members’ money and shutting down the system in the process.

As part of this investigation, I’ll be looking into an online money-making platform called “Lucky Football 1 Review,” which claims to provide its registered customers with an additional source of income by way of football betting.

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… Lucky Football Is a Scam, Believe It or Not! Keep an eye on this ( /


This Lucky Football 1 review will address the following subtopics: “Is Lucky Football 1 a scam?” and “Is Lucky Football 1 a legitimate game?” “Does Lucky Football 1 represent a scam?” “Can you tell me how Lucky Football 1 works?” “Do the rules of Lucky Football 1 Review apply?” “Lucky Football 1 affiliate program/referral,” “Lucky Football 1 registration/sign up,” “Lucky Football 1 login,” and other terms are used to refer to the game Lucky Football 1.

Take note that the Criticalinfo team is not liable for any losses that you might sustain while using this platform; we have not collaborated with Lucky Football 1 Review or received compensation for producing this review; this review is solely for the purpose of informing you about Lucky Football 1 Review.

Lucky Football 1 Review explains what the game is and how it works

New football trading site Lucky Football 1 (similar to the well-known 86fb) allows you to make money by betting against the team that you support, similar to how 86fb makes money. Consider the following scenario: If you predict that a game will end in an even score of 2-2, you will win if the game ends in a different result than “2-2.”

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Develop a team by inviting your friends to join the platform, and you will be rewarded for each friend you refer who joins the platform. To earn even more money on this platform, you can refer your friends to join the platform and develop a team.

On the company’s website, it is stated that “Lucky Football is a market leader in the Asia-Pacific sports investment industry.” Our customers have the ability to control their revenue, unlike other companies on the market, which allows them to trade their revenue for cash. The investment in soccer gambling is our area of expertise, and we do so in conjunction with a United Kingdom exchange that is subject to international regulatory oversight and oversight. Having spent years in research and development, we are now in the position to provide an online platform that allows users to invest in soccer, effectively turning it from a game of chance into a financial management goal rather than a game of chance. We hope that as a result of making wise decisions, each and every one of our members will be able to make a respectable profit.”

What exactly is the Lucky Football 1 system, and how does it function? Read on to find out

A good rule of thumb to remember is that when you place a bet and select a specific choice, you will win only if that option is correctly selected, and you will lose if any other option is selected correctly.

During a football match, Lucky Football 1 is a reverse betting strategy in which you win if any other option than the one you selected occurs during the course of the game.

When you make your first deposit of 3,500 naira, you can earn up to 3 percent per day on your remaining balance starting the day after you do so.

By inviting friends and forming groups of individuals, it is possible to earn additional money on this platform.

Consider the case of a correctly scored exam (2-2)

When playing against the opposition, Team A (at home) will play Team B (away), with the correct result being 2-2. Assume that the final score of the game was 2-2, which means that you were unsuccessful in your $1,000 wager on the outcome. This means that you could earn (bet amount 1000*0.0357*0.95=33.91) if the final score of the game was different from this, indicating that you had a winning streak in that particular game.
Lucky Football 1 is the game that you should try out.
According to the company’s official website,…

Please be advised that the outcome of all football matches is determined by a computer program known as Lucky Football 1 Review, which generates random numbers. Any findings that have already been published on other websites will be discarded without consideration.

The outcome of Legal Time will determine whether or not the transaction will move forward (the first and second halves must be fully 45 minutes each, including stoppage time, but not including overtime, penalty kick or the result changed by committee). Because of severe weather, game reservation, game cancellation, or any other unforeseen circumstance, if the permissible time limit is exceeded by less than 90 minutes, the trade outcome will be deemed “invalid.” In some youth leagues, depending on the age group, the standard game time will be set between 80 and 70 minutes per game (including stoppage time). An early withdrawal from the game will result in the trade outcome being treated as “invalid.”

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For more information, please refer to the following: 86W – 86FB: 86W is dedicated to improving the lives of every Nigerian citizen

It makes no difference whether the matches are marked as “home” or “away” in Lucky Football 1 Review as long as the football leagues have established the locations of the games. Aside from trades made in the event that a game is cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, all trades are considered “legitimate.”
When an event is cancelled or reserved, the trader will receive a full refund of the amount paid for the trade. If the deal is cancelled or reserved after the first half has ended, it will be considered “legitimate,” and the outcome will be announced on the website if this is the case.

Unless the event time is changed prior to the start of trading, all trades will be deemed worthless until the event time is changed. In this game, the outcome will be determined by the results of the Lucky Football 1 Review.

In the event of a factor such as a hacker attack or other unexpected incident, the outcome of any trade or event will be completely determined by the backup data kept by Lucky Football 1 Review.

The Lucky Football 1 Review will cancel any trades made by individuals who attempt to arbitrage or otherwise destabilize the system in any way, including through the use of bots, and will suspend the user accounts of those individuals. Users can cancel transactions by visiting the Trade List section of the website, which can be accessed from any page on the site. If a transaction is canceled once every three minutes, the user can cancel the transaction up to a maximum of ten times per day. Any losses incurred as a result of an incorrect cancellation will not be covered by Lucky Football 1 Review’s liability policy.

When a deadlock develops, backup data from Lucky Football 1 will be used to break the tie and resolve the situation. Unless otherwise stated, once a user enters this website, it is assumed that he or she has agreed to all of the terms and conditions of Lucky Football 1 Review.

The Lucky football 1 referral/affiliation program has been reviewed

  • You will receive 10,000NGN if you can accumulate the development of five members.
  • Accumulate the development of 20 members and you will receive a reward of 35,000NGN in cash.
  • Obtain 100,000NGN by accumulating the development of 50 members in a single game.
  • As a result of accumulating development among 100 members, you will receive NGN 400,000.
  • Your monthly salary will be calculated as follows once all of your members who actively place bets have reached the threshold of 30 bets per month.
  • Active 30 members at level 123456 receive a monthly payout of 20,000NGN, which is divided equally among them.
  • Active 60 members of level 123456 receive a monthly remuneration of 40,000NGN, which is divided amongst them.
  • Every month, 240 members who are active and have reached the level of 123456 are compensated with 170,000NGN in Ngnis.
  • Every month, a remuneration of 400,000NGN is paid to active 500 members at the level 123456, and this is paid in NGN.
  • Active 1000 members at level 123456 receive a monthly remuneration of 1,200,000NGN, which is divided into two parts.
  • First-time top-up bonus as well as a rewards program for downline members are both available.
  • When members are invited to register, they must deposit a minimum of 3500 NGN in order to complete the registration process.
  • The following amounts are allocated: 3500NGN for downline recharge; 150NGN for upline bonus; 300NGN for downline bonus
  • It is possible to receive a downline recharge of 10,500NGN, an upline bonus of 500NGN, and a downline bonus of 1000NGN.
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The following amounts are available:

  • 30,000NGN for downline recharge; 2000NGN for upline bonus; 3500NGN for downline bonus
  • There are a number of bonuses available, including: Up to 50,000NGN in downline recharge, 3000NGN in upline bonus, and 6000NGN in downline bonus are available.
  • The downline recharge of 100,000NGN, the upline bonus of 15000NGN, and the downline bonus of 25000NGN are all included in this case.
  • Up to 500,000NGN in downline recharges, 30,000NGN in upline bonuses, and 50,000NGN in downline bonuses are available to participants.
    1,000,000NGN in downline recharge, 60,000NGN in upline bonus, and 100,000NGN in downline bonus are all included in this package.

Lucky Football 1 registration and sign up

Simply follow the steps outlined below in order to become a member:

  • More information can be found at
  • Please complete the required information, which includes a username, a password, an invitation code, and a mobile phone number. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose SIGN UP as your option.

Registration for Lucky Football 1 has been reviewed

In order to gain access to this platform, you will need to provide the following credentials:

  • Username for logging in, as well as instructions on how to log in

Is Lucky Football 1 Review Legit Website?

Due to the fact that this is a newly released platform, it has not been in operation for an extended period of time in order to be considered legitimate. A striking likeness can be seen between it and the number 86fb. This post will be updated on a regular basis, so be sure to subscribe to the blog to receive notifications of new posts whenever they are published.

My Unvarnished Point of View
I believe that there is no difference between Lucky Football 1 and the websites,, 88FBO and 86FBO, and that their methods of operation are completely unacceptable to me, and that they should be shut down immediately. Anyone interested in experimenting with the platform should exercise caution in their efforts.

Take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for taking the time to read my Lucky Football 1 review. Please do not hesitate to post any questions or comments in the space provided below.

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